Louis Vuitton Paris Show


One of the most topical clothes in the show is the T-shirt with the slogan “Stranger Things” on the fluffy printed shirt of the Louis Xiv period. Senior clothing and seemingly cheap clothing is the combination of Ghesqui re expertise. Of course, after all he is a big hit he used The Goblins in the Balenciaga above the horror movie background music. The Balenciaga in his special genius inspiration, the audience never know what appears in the new season. Under the test of season and season, he has never been disappointed. Is there anything more satisfying than Ghesqui re’s Balenciaga?

And now, at Louis Vuitton Ghesqui re was not so lucky. It seems that some inspiration has dried up, at least before this season. This is a Ghesqui re desperate success will be in danger on the edge of the Vuitton back to the right direction. In this season’s show, we saw a perfect fashion storm. This show is still selected in the Louvre Palace, and is the oldest part of the museum called the Pavillon de l Horloge trench. It has just been reopened and opened to tourists. Here we can see traces of the historical changes of the Louvre Museum over the past hundred years.

The background music is created by WoodKid, a French musician, and is sung by a choir. It looks like a great Requiem. Looking back at the show, the first few look models came out of a strange time machine. The traditional brocade double row BUTTON DRESS often matches the most popular heavy sports shoes now, just like a eighteenth Century French aristocrat wearing sports shoes to go to sports. Ghesqui re is not the first designer to match the clothes of different times. Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons have done similar things. But the Vuitton is a new breakthrough point Ghesqui re found. If Vuitton’s brand concept is on the journey, then Ghesqui e re has found a new journey, not only a regional trip, but a special trip to the time machine in time.

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