LV takes you on a time trip


From December 15th, the LV LV (Louis Vuitton) “time / brocade” exhibition – Shanghai, will take you on a time trip and enjoy a series of rare collections and documents in a selected collection of LV LV (Louis Vuitton) archives.

“Time / brocade” exhibition – Shanghai will take you first to the magic box exhibition area. Around the hard box, you will see all kinds of stereoscopic images, the antique collection and the innovative contemporary works give you 360 degrees of viewing experience. Next, we will witness with the changes of the times and the innovation of the way of travel in different travel themes, travel becomes a kind of pleasure. Interesting or adventurous, and since the founding of LV LV (Louis Vuitton), with the change and innovation of time and travel time and time, the old time and the new era have collided with another spark, becoming the witness and creator of the times.

Travel has always been the core spirit of the brand. This site is located at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, hoping that travelers can stop for a while in the busy journey and explore the true meaning of travel.

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