Creative director of LV men’s wear will resign


Kim Jones, the art director of Louis Weedon’s men’s wear, was born in London in 1979, but he started his trip around the world with his family in Ecuador three months ago. In Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana) and the Caribbean, and the stay in the home of London, the memories of his “nomadic” childhood were inspired by his later design. At the age of 14, Kim Jones made it clear that he wanted to engage in creative career. He considered drawing and photography until he found fashion: “my creation world.”

Kim Jones has entered the central Saint Martin Institute of art and design, and has earned a master’s degree in men’s wear. With the popularity of graduation design exhibition, his first design series went on the T stage of London Fashion Week in 2003. As a young designer in the forefront of fashion, Kim Jones has injected its own distinctive style of high fashion and street style into the classic British men’s design of Alfred Dunhill and Alexander Mcqueen.

In 2011, Kim Jones joined Louis Weedon for the first time as an artistic director of men’s wear. LV CEO Michael Burke says he has the gift of “manufacturing trend”. In 2009 and 2011, the British Fashion Association awarded the annual men’s wear designer award and won the Topshop New Generation award two times in a row.

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