Louis Vuitton 2018 early autumn series


Although the early autumn series is just a hot spot before fashion week, Louis Vuitton still interprets the early autumn series at a higher level. Low profile luxury has always been a synonym for LV, this time in addition to the use of advanced classical style of material, or with a bright surface material to carry out a fashion attempt, although it is a static show, but there is no loss of the show.

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton (Louis Weedon) released the 2018 early autumn series LookBook, this season, in addition to the use of the advanced classical style of material, or with the bright surface material made a fashion attempt.

The dress on the waist of the waist is full of interest, and with the high heels of the bandage and the casual pants of the sports wind. The appearance of a luxurious fur coat with a suit leather group appears to have a glimmer of sensual taste in the nobleness, and makes a nifty temperament with a landmark bag. The brighter cloth makes the tailored tailoring become more luxurious. The use of white shoes and pleated skirt highlights the lovely girl temperament. Double breasted coat + knee ankle boots, standard winter fashion collocation, but LV can make its accessories more temperate and finer through its exquisite tailoring.

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