LV art gift


In 1854, LV (Louis Vuitton), offering people of the same name suitcase workshop. In the same year, the most graceful ladies walked into this small shop adjacent to the legendary landmark of Paris, Fang den square, paying his beloved jewels, hats and exquisite gown. Soon, the “packaging art” workshop, famous for its innovative crate crafts, began to design various interesting ornaments, such as the Pateki blocks from Mr. Gaston Louis Weedon ‘s hand from Mr. Gaston LV (Louis Vuitton). Since 1920s, gift giving has gradually become a kind of art of life, which has created a number of articles, such as “gift: how to choose and give gifts for the loved one in the new year, holiday, birthday and other commemorative moments.”

At the moment, the 2017 gift art series launched three major themes, offering gift ideas for a close commemorative moment, and carrying forward the art of generous gift. These gifts for the celebration of the end of the year, create a more joyous atmosphere for the festival, and show the extraordinary and excellent technological level of the LV LV (Louis Vuitton) workshop.

LV LV (Louis Vuitton) design furniture series full of classic elements, can be distributed in every corner of the house. The “Scott” commemorative box of LV LV (Louis Vuitton) suitcase, which can be embedded in each other, adheres to the design tradition of LV, which combines the modern resin glass with a fine texture of natural cowhide. In the living room, the best partner for a variety of frames is the “Georges” tray named by the founder of the Monogram canvas fabric, with Epi leather and natural cowhide material, and three sizes, fashionable and practical. In addition, the LV (Louis Vuitton) also introduced the Christmas tree ornaments, decorated with Monogram leather ornaments, canvas and silk fabric in the classic fir tree emanating a very charming nobility.

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