The creative director of off-white takes over Louis Vuitton


Virgil himself announced the news on the social network. His first series for Louis Vuitton will be released in Paris fashion week June. The new Vuitton Menswear is coming! After Kris Van Assche left Dior Homme for 11 years, Kim Jones, the former creative director of Louis Vuitton, announced the acceptance of Dior Homme, which has made the fashion circle break out of the world.

Abloh’s more known identity is the hip-hop singer Kanye West’s stylist. But he was not a newcomer in the fashion world. Before OFF-WHITE, he started a brand called Pyrex Vision, but the brand was small and the sales continued to be poor. In September 2013, Abloh shut down Pyrex Vision, and set up a brand OFF-WHITE that also went through the cool way. Its style is on the street, but its location is more high-end.

Last year, Virgil Abloh, the designer of OFF-WHITE, was the most favorite partner of the brand, and he created the luxury brand of luxury brand Off-White and Nike, Warby Parker, Ikea, Jimmy Choo, Levi ‘s,’ and hip-hop singers.

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