Louis Vuitton Paris Show


One of the most topical clothes in the show is the T-shirt with the slogan “Stranger Things” on the fluffy printed shirt of the Louis Xiv period. Senior clothing and seemingly cheap clothing is the combination of Ghesqui re expertise. Of course, after all he is a big hit he used The Goblins in the Balenciaga above the horror movie background music. The Balenciaga in his special genius inspiration, the audience never know what appears in the new season. Under the test of season and season, he has never been disappointed. Is there anything more satisfying than Ghesqui re’s Balenciaga?

And now, at Louis Vuitton Ghesqui re was not so lucky. It seems that some inspiration has dried up, at least before this season. This is a Ghesqui re desperate success will be in danger on the edge of the Vuitton back to the right direction. In this season’s show, we saw a perfect fashion storm. This show is still selected in the Louvre Palace, and is the oldest part of the museum called the Pavillon de l Horloge trench. It has just been reopened and opened to tourists. Here we can see traces of the historical changes of the Louvre Museum over the past hundred years.

The background music is created by WoodKid, a French musician, and is sung by a choir. It looks like a great Requiem. Looking back at the show, the first few look models came out of a strange time machine. The traditional brocade double row BUTTON DRESS often matches the most popular heavy sports shoes now, just like a eighteenth Century French aristocrat wearing sports shoes to go to sports. Ghesqui re is not the first designer to match the clothes of different times. Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons have done similar things. But the Vuitton is a new breakthrough point Ghesqui re found. If Vuitton’s brand concept is on the journey, then Ghesqui e re has found a new journey, not only a regional trip, but a special trip to the time machine in time.

LV art gift


In 1854, LV (Louis Vuitton), offering people of the same name suitcase workshop. In the same year, the most graceful ladies walked into this small shop adjacent to the legendary landmark of Paris, Fang den square, paying his beloved jewels, hats and exquisite gown. Soon, the “packaging art” workshop, famous for its innovative crate crafts, began to design various interesting ornaments, such as the Pateki blocks from Mr. Gaston Louis Weedon ‘s hand from Mr. Gaston LV (Louis Vuitton). Since 1920s, gift giving has gradually become a kind of art of life, which has created a number of articles, such as “gift: how to choose and give gifts for the loved one in the new year, holiday, birthday and other commemorative moments.”

At the moment, the 2017 gift art series launched three major themes, offering gift ideas for a close commemorative moment, and carrying forward the art of generous gift. These gifts for the celebration of the end of the year, create a more joyous atmosphere for the festival, and show the extraordinary and excellent technological level of the LV LV (Louis Vuitton) workshop.

LV LV (Louis Vuitton) design furniture series full of classic elements, can be distributed in every corner of the house. The “Scott” commemorative box of LV LV (Louis Vuitton) suitcase, which can be embedded in each other, adheres to the design tradition of LV, which combines the modern resin glass with a fine texture of natural cowhide. In the living room, the best partner for a variety of frames is the “Georges” tray named by the founder of the Monogram canvas fabric, with Epi leather and natural cowhide material, and three sizes, fashionable and practical. In addition, the LV (Louis Vuitton) also introduced the Christmas tree ornaments, decorated with Monogram leather ornaments, canvas and silk fabric in the classic fir tree emanating a very charming nobility.

LV takes you on a time trip


From December 15th, the LV LV (Louis Vuitton) “time / brocade” exhibition – Shanghai, will take you on a time trip and enjoy a series of rare collections and documents in a selected collection of LV LV (Louis Vuitton) archives.

“Time / brocade” exhibition – Shanghai will take you first to the magic box exhibition area. Around the hard box, you will see all kinds of stereoscopic images, the antique collection and the innovative contemporary works give you 360 degrees of viewing experience. Next, we will witness with the changes of the times and the innovation of the way of travel in different travel themes, travel becomes a kind of pleasure. Interesting or adventurous, and since the founding of LV LV (Louis Vuitton), with the change and innovation of time and travel time and time, the old time and the new era have collided with another spark, becoming the witness and creator of the times.

Travel has always been the core spirit of the brand. This site is located at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, hoping that travelers can stop for a while in the busy journey and explore the true meaning of travel.

Creative director of LV men’s wear will resign


Kim Jones, the art director of Louis Weedon’s men’s wear, was born in London in 1979, but he started his trip around the world with his family in Ecuador three months ago. In Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana) and the Caribbean, and the stay in the home of London, the memories of his “nomadic” childhood were inspired by his later design. At the age of 14, Kim Jones made it clear that he wanted to engage in creative career. He considered drawing and photography until he found fashion: “my creation world.”

Kim Jones has entered the central Saint Martin Institute of art and design, and has earned a master’s degree in men’s wear. With the popularity of graduation design exhibition, his first design series went on the T stage of London Fashion Week in 2003. As a young designer in the forefront of fashion, Kim Jones has injected its own distinctive style of high fashion and street style into the classic British men’s design of Alfred Dunhill and Alexander Mcqueen.

In 2011, Kim Jones joined Louis Weedon for the first time as an artistic director of men’s wear. LV CEO Michael Burke says he has the gift of “manufacturing trend”. In 2009 and 2011, the British Fashion Association awarded the annual men’s wear designer award and won the Topshop New Generation award two times in a row.

Louis Vuitton 2018 early autumn series


Although the early autumn series is just a hot spot before fashion week, Louis Vuitton still interprets the early autumn series at a higher level. Low profile luxury has always been a synonym for LV, this time in addition to the use of advanced classical style of material, or with a bright surface material to carry out a fashion attempt, although it is a static show, but there is no loss of the show.

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton (Louis Weedon) released the 2018 early autumn series LookBook, this season, in addition to the use of the advanced classical style of material, or with the bright surface material made a fashion attempt.

The dress on the waist of the waist is full of interest, and with the high heels of the bandage and the casual pants of the sports wind. The appearance of a luxurious fur coat with a suit leather group appears to have a glimmer of sensual taste in the nobleness, and makes a nifty temperament with a landmark bag. The brighter cloth makes the tailored tailoring become more luxurious. The use of white shoes and pleated skirt highlights the lovely girl temperament. Double breasted coat + knee ankle boots, standard winter fashion collocation, but LV can make its accessories more temperate and finer through its exquisite tailoring.

LV 2018 autumn and winter show will take you to reinterpret French sentiment.


At 1:30 in March 7, 2018 at 1:30 a.m. in Le Louvre Museum in Paris, the LOUIS VUITTON 2018 autumn and winter show came about, the annual pressure of the big show was still on the LOUIS VUITTON, both in the historical level, or to the trust of LOUIS VUITTON.

This year, LOUIS VUITTON is back to Le Louvre Museum. The futuristic silver T platform is made up of geometric elements, just like an ancient and modern space and time conveyor belt.

The models are shuttling between the buildings, drawing on the machine doll style make-up, reflecting the gray and white shadow of the building, the music is sounded, and the creative director of the LOUIS VUITTON women’s clothes, Nicolas Ghesqui e re, interprets the different deduction of the relationship between the clothes and the human body in the mobile space and opens a new chapter for the modern women.

The creative director of off-white takes over Louis Vuitton


Virgil himself announced the news on the social network. His first series for Louis Vuitton will be released in Paris fashion week June. The new Vuitton Menswear is coming! After Kris Van Assche left Dior Homme for 11 years, Kim Jones, the former creative director of Louis Vuitton, announced the acceptance of Dior Homme, which has made the fashion circle break out of the world.

Abloh’s more known identity is the hip-hop singer Kanye West’s stylist. But he was not a newcomer in the fashion world. Before OFF-WHITE, he started a brand called Pyrex Vision, but the brand was small and the sales continued to be poor. In September 2013, Abloh shut down Pyrex Vision, and set up a brand OFF-WHITE that also went through the cool way. Its style is on the street, but its location is more high-end.

Last year, Virgil Abloh, the designer of OFF-WHITE, was the most favorite partner of the brand, and he created the luxury brand of luxury brand Off-White and Nike, Warby Parker, Ikea, Jimmy Choo, Levi ‘s,’ and hip-hop singers.

Why did Louis Vuitton choose Virgil Abloh?


The latest fashion circle has no lack of heavy news, of which men’s wear variables are more inflexible, Riccardo Tisci, abandoned by the fashion brand founder Givenchy, to the embrace of the British brand Burberry; the long-standing Hedi Slimane has finally returned to the fashion world through Celine and announced the era of Celine men’s wear; his disciple, a Kris Van for Dior Homme for 11 years A big shuffle in Paris’s big fashion houses has finally come to an end by the replacement of Kim Jones just from LV men’s clothes. But yesterday’s big brand Louis Vuitton confirmed that Off-White founder Virgil Abloh took over the full takeover of the brand men’s department by the official Instagram account, and still sparked a little controversy among the media and fashion fans.

Compared with the previous changes in personnel, Virgil Abloh’s appointment is “parachute”, and he has not been in any of the old fashion houses, with the excellent business performance of his personal brand and the three – level jump in the life of a new generation of consumers. As the explosion of manufacturing machine Virgil Abloh is the senior fashion house to do something creative director? What is he good at in addition to the road? Today we might as well take a look at what the street brand is to overcome in the top fashion industry.

To say that Virgil Abloh is the most outstanding designer at present, it is estimated that many people will spray small plaits into sifting. But we must admit that Virgil is the most creative designer and the most ambitious designer in the street.

Louis Vuitton 2018 autumn and winter series fashion show


LOUIS VUITTON 2018 autumn and winter show is coming. Le Louvre Museum as the future space for the LV, this time by a number of fashion circles big cafe, Fan Bingbing, Tang Yan, Rainie Yang, spring and summer, such as Louis Weedon to play call. It seems that no matter who is, there is always a LOUIS VUITTON in the closet.

The creative director of LV, Nicolas Ghesqui e, has an insoluble origin with “time and space” and “history”. This season, he led us to stand in a new interpretation of the broken parts of the French mood when we look back on history.

The sports wind is used in a large amount, which is mixed with the Striped wall and the old memories. The coat chooses the comfortable and warm velvet, fur and leather, and the collision of different materials makes the details more diverse; the integration of fine armbands, tassels, buttons and other metal materials reveals the Royal and extravagant style of French castles inadvertently.

The delivery period of LV handbag production will be shortened from 4 weeks to 1 weeks


Louis Vuitton (LV), the flagship brand of the French luxury LVMH group, said on Tuesday that the company is expanding the production of its leather goods and handbags and plans to open three more new factories this year and next.

Louis Vuitton introduced that the first new plant will be completed and put into operation in July this year. Second and third will be completed early next year and later.

“15 years ago, 15 years ago, a handbag from Louis Vuitton took four weeks from production to delivery to a store,” said Val e RIE Dubois, head of the Louis Vuitton factory. “It only takes just two weeks, but our goal is to shorten the time to a week.”

In January of this year, LVMH group released the key financial data in the 2017 fiscal year. The total sales volume of the group increased by 13% to 42 billion 600 million euros, and the net profit reached 5 billion 130 million euros. (see “ornate ambition” report: the strong performance of Sino US market boosted LVMH group’s net profit increased by 29% in the 2017 fiscal year).

At the annual performance report analyst meeting, the chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault of the LVMH board said: “Louis Vuitton has a higher turnover, but it is subject to the following two factors: one is the lack of productivity; it is the consumer demand for some specific items of Louis Vuitton, but we are more willing to ensure the diversity of the products. At present, the growth trend of Louis Vuitton top commodities is very good.